My work:

I am a Corporate Counsel in ARM‘s strategy team dealing with IP/IT issues.* I work in areas such as open source and IT contracting, among many others.

OpenDataCommons.org. I co-founded this project of the Open Knowledge Foundation and am the principal legal drafter behind the Open Data Commons licenses. We provide plain language legal tools for open data.

Other things:

In the past I’ve been on the board of the Open Knowledge Foundation, a UK-based non-profit promoting open knowledge, from sonnets to statistics and from genes to geodata.

I’m part of the advisory council for the Open Definition, a project of the OKF.

I’m currently on the advisory board of EFF-Austin, after having been previously on the board of directors.

I’m sort of a list admin emeritus for the Open Rights Group – Law list, a closed discussion / help list for legal professionals to help out ORG.  I helped start the Law list during a brief internship with Danny O’Brien at the Electronic Frontier Foundation back in 2006.

Other sites:

I used to have some other websites, which are slowly being integrated into this one.

Laptop Legal Law practice management and Mac’s in law practice stream-of-consciousness blog.

opencontentlawyer Home for my news and commentary on open content law, though presently most of my posts are here on jordanhatcher.com.

[*] Just a small reminder that this is of course my personal website and so any views expressed here are entirely my own.